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Fallout 4: Bobblehead Locations

Bobbleheads, Where art thou Bobbleheads?

Fallout 4 Bobblehead - Perception

Ever asked yourself the question, “where are the Fallout 4 Bobblehead locations?” If you have we can now reveal to you these locations!

A word of warning some of these Bobblehead locations can be difficult to reach if you are a lower level. Consider this your warning…

Agility: Located on the Wreck of the FMS Northern Star. Go to the very edge of the ship’s bow and you’ll find the Agility Bobblehead on a wooden platform just past the huts on deck. This Bobblehead increases your Agility permanently by 1.

Barter: Located in Longneck Lukowski’s Cannery. Go to the main cannery room, towards the northwest upper area. You’ll find the Barter Bobblehead inside the metal hut on the catwalk. Prices are permanently 5% better.

Big Guns: Located in Vault 95 in the northern-most room of the living quarters area, on top of a radio. Permanently gain +25% critical damage with heavy weapons.

Charisma: Located in Parsons State Insane Asylum, on the desk inside Jack Cabot’s office in the Administration area by the elevator. Increases Charisma permanently increased by 1.

Endurance: Located in Poseidon Energy in the central metal catwalk hut on the metal desk by the steamer trunk. Your Endurance has been permanently increased by 1.

Energy Weapons: Located in Fort Hagen, in the southwest kitchens of the Command Center on a small table wedged between two fridges. Permanently gain +25% critical damage with energy weapons.

Explosive: Located in Saugus Ironworks, on the catwalk in the Blast Furnace area, by the magazine and steamer trunk. Permanently gain +15% damage with explosives.

Intelligence: Located in the Boston Public Library. Head to the northwest corner and check in the mechanical room; the Bobblehead is on the computer bank. Increases Intelligence permanently by 1.

Lockpicking: Located in the Pickman Gallery, right where you meet Pickman on the ground between the brick pillars in the last tunnel chamber. Lockpicking is permanently easier.

Luck: Located in Spectacle Island on the green boat to the south of the island, in a locker next to the steamer trunk. Increases Luck permanently by 1.

Medicine: In Vault 81, in Curie’s office in the Vault’s southeast corner. Stimpaks permanently heal 10% more damage.

Melee: Located at the very top of Trinity Tower in the cage where Rex and Strong are being held captive. Permanently gain +25% critical damage with melee weapons.

Perception: Located in the Museum of Freedom where you meet Preston, in the room above the front doors on a metal desk. Increases Perception permanently by 1.

Repair: Located in the Corvega Assembly Plant, underneath the Corvega sign on the very end of the top external structure. Fusion Cores permanently last 10% longer.

Science: Located in the Malden Middle School, in the third level of the basement inside the vault building. It’s on a desk overlooking the cafeteria area. Get one extra guess when hacking terminals.

Small Guns: Located in Gunners Plaza on the broadcast desk of the on-air room towards the west on the ground floor. Permanently gain +25% critical damage with ballistic guns.

Sneak: Located in Dunwich Borers next to the metal post terminal for area #4 next to a lantern on a small metal table. Become permanently 10% harder to detect.

Speech: Located in Park Street Station (Vault 114) in the Overseer’s Office where Nick is being held. All vendors permanently have 100 more Caps available for bartering.

Strength: Located in the Mass Fusion Building, on a metal wall sculpture sitting high above the desk in the lobby.  Increases Strength permanently by 1.

Unarmed: Located in the Atom Cats Garage in the main warehouse on the hood of a rusty car. Permanently gain +25% critical damage with unarmed attacks.

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