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The Mission

Create a website that offers Open and Honest news and reviews, an unedited UNCUT view of a game, giving you “The Gamer” information you need to make an informed decision on how Awesome a game truly is…

About Us
Mark Barnett

Founder of GamingUncut.com and all round Gaming enthusiast!

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Xbox Live: Barnettxxx

About Us
Mark Trett

Co-Founder of GamingUncut.com & Founder of DevelopersAccomplice.co.uk. Abig fan of Gears of War and Final Fantasy 7.

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Xbox Live: SNaPSHoT TReTT

The Team

All members of the team are volunteers, putting in the time because we want to not because we make a living out of it.

Our expertise and interests vary and that’s how we like it, our views are our own and often spark hours of debates around favourite characters, “Who would win in a fight” or simply “would you rather have” type ramblings…

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